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Treland Education is now
Hartwell Independent School

a 501(c)(3) organization

Hartwell Independent School

Like Treland Education, Hartwell Independent School offers customized learning programs designed to help students reduce anxiety, improve self-confidence, and achieve their potential to learn.

From 1970 to 2020, Treland served Illinois students by providing test preparation, tutoring, and home schooling for students of all grade levels, from elementary through college. In 2020, Joan Treland retired and Seth Stevenson took leadership. Seth is a talented and perceptive public school educator whose goal was to overcome the limitations imposed by online classrooms during the pandemic.


Nina Cunningham, a college professor with a long history of entrepreneurship, mentoring, and coaching joined Treland as a teacher. To advance Treland's 50 years of success providing instructional alternatives to students of all ages, Nina and Seth created Hartwell Independent School, a 501(c)(3) educational organization, to help grow our programs and offer more support to students and their families. 

1970 - 2020

Instead, Seth offered a richer, fully customized one-on-one tutoring and private home schooling alternatives to students who needed more—more personalized learning, more recognition of individual learning styles, more attention to remediating anxiety, and a relaxed environment that improved emotional stability hampered by the effects of social distancing.


Hartwell means education done right.


Expert Teachers

Our tutor is fantastic not only with his knowledge of math and science – his ability to relate to teenagers and help them understand concepts is priceless. He also includes a review of the day’s session in an email to the parent as well as the student. Treland’s coordinator-as the master of keeping ‘all the plates spinning at the same time’-is so wonderful to talk to she makes you feel like family. I can’t recommend them enough.

-Deb Reed

for Treland Education

Tailored Learning

Treland was instrumental in helping my daughter graduate High School.

After extensive testing she was diagnosed with dyslexia and dyscalculia.

The public school accommodations set her up for failure as they would give her passing grades without truly teaching her. She attended Treland (as her school) her junior and senior year. The growth and knowledge that she gained was astonishing. I only wish we had started her there throughout her educational career. Both my daughter and I can’t thank them enough! Highly, highly recommend!

-Kathleen Keller Quinn

Student Feedback

While I was not able to directly observe our tutor’s teaching, as his teaching partner we shared the same students. I frequently heard how much his students loved his class (even though they found it quite challenging), from both his students and their parents. His love and enthusiasm for teaching and for his students was always visible by his long hours at school both with students after hours and with his effort at planning.

-Kate Walker

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