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Lab Experiments


  • Do you offer online tutoring?
    While most of our sessions are held in person at our Wheaton, Illinois offices, we also offer online sessions through Google Meets or Zoom.
  • How does private schooling work?
    Hartwell offers private school services. This can supplement or replace home schooling, and also serve as an alternative to private and public schooling. Students can attend for test preparation, for a single semester, or for years. Students are assessed formally and have their resulting grades entered on transcripts which can then be used for transfer to other schools or applications to colleges.
  • Can you graduate from Hartwell?
    Over the past 5 decades, many students have indeed graduated from Treland, and the same will apply to Hartwell moving forward. Some were student athletes who needed a flexible school schedule, while other students have had anxiety or health issues that made the individual focus a better option than a conventional school setting.
  • Who provides leadership at Hartwell Independent School?
    Seth Stevenson, CFO and Head of School Nina Cunningham, Ph.D., CEO and Director of Development Julia Gonzalez, Admissions and Recruiting Coordinator
  • What are Hartwell's Certifications?
    Hartwell Independent School is accredited with College Boards and NCAA Athletics.
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