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10 Best Reasons to Homeschool Your Child

Kathy Ceceri is a writer, educator, and homeschooling advocate with over 20 years of experience and numerous published books focusing on the importance of STEAM education. In 2019, Kathy wrote about the 10 best reasons to home school your child.

Kathy discusses the many positive things they want to bring into their life through home schooling, not the things they want to avoid.

  1. Getting Involved 

As a homeschooler, you can go on all the field trips, read all the book club selections, and make your own creations at the drop-in art program. Getting to play and learn with your kids is one of the biggest benefits of homeschooling.

  2. Parents Learn Alongside Kids

Homeschooling can be an excuse to fill in the gaps from your own school days. Learn about interesting people from history, catch up on the latest discoveries in science, and explore the concepts behind the math problems. Instead of memorizing dates, definitions, and formulas, you can provide a learning rich environment. It's lifelong learning at its best! 

  3. Kids Enjoy It 

You may ask your kids what they'd prefer—staying home or going to school. If they have friends who homeschool, that will mean they're around during the day to get together when their school friends are in class, football practice, band practice, or doing homework.

  4.  Kids Can Learn About Their Passions

Most kids have their own particular passions, areas that they can discuss like an expert. Very few of these areas—modern art, Legos, analyzing horror films—are the kind of things students learn about in school. In a traditional school, having an offbeat interest doesn't win you points with teachers and other students, but among homeschoolers, it's what makes your friends so interesting.

  5.  You Meet Fascinating People

You hear the best stories when you ask people what they love to do. As homeschoolers, you will spend your days visiting people and taking classes with teachers who do it because they really want to, not just because it's their job.

  6.  It Teaches Kids to Interact With Adults

When homeschoolers interact with adults in the community while going about their everyday experiences, they learn how civil people treat each other in public. It's a kind of socialization most school kids don't experience until they're ready to go out into the world.

  7.   It Brings Kids and Parents Together

One of the greatest selling points for homeschooling is hearing from parents of grown homeschool students. Sure, kids develop independence, but homeschooled kids do it by taking on more and more of the responsibility for their own learning, not by fighting and rebelling against the adults in their lives. In fact, homeschooled teens are often more ready for adult life than their traditionally-schooled peers.

  8.   Scheduling is Flexible

No getting up before dawn to make the school bus. No agonizing about whether to take a family trip because it means missing class. Homeschooling allows families to learn anywhere, even on the road, and it gives them the flexibility to do the important things in their lives, on their own schedule. 

  9.  It Empowers Parents

Just as it does for kids, homeschooling helps parents learn that they can do a lot of things they never would have dreamed were possible. Homeschooling allows parents to be the one to guide my kids from easy readers to trigonometry to college. You'll get as much out of your kids' education as they will. Along the way, you'll gain knowledge and develop skills that might even help you in the job market.

  10.  It Reinforces Family Values

Homeschooling can be religious or secular, but there are some things a lot of homeschoolers doesn't believe in—like paying kids with pizza, candy, or amusement park admission for reading a book. Or judging a person's worth by their sports prowess or their grades.

Homeschooled kids don't need to have the latest gadgets, and they don't have to take classes in critical thinking because they've been practicing it their whole lives. That's why homeschooling is such a positive force for the families who choose this path.


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